Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Some More Swimming

So when I hurt my knee I was on a swim break. However since I'm back to practice and I also had a meet. Well, actually I had two meets. One of my meets was on Saturday and my other was on Monday. I know it sounds weird. 'Why would you have a meet on a school night, that's just crazy.' It was actually a practice meet.

The summer team is way more laid back compared to the winter team. We play games and the meets are less competitive. We had this practice meet for the new people swimming on the summer team. My mom was the starter. That means she was the one who said "take your mark".

The other meet was a real meet for 10 and older's. Since I'm thirteen I went to the meet. Sadly because I am no longer 9-12 I cant swim 50's anymore. I have to swim twice that length. I won first place in my 100 butterfly. I won second place in my hundred backstroke. I also won third place in my hundred freestyle.

Friday, June 10, 2016


I have recently been taking SCUBA classes. I had mentioned that I was going to do them before but now I have actually done a few classes I am going to talk about it a little bit. First I am going to make a hyperlink  HERE in case you want to check out the website.

My class is mostly adults so if your thinking it is a class for kid's, its not. The instructors are really nice too. I had a bit of trouble doing one of the skills and the instructors really helped me and worked with me until I could do that skill. The instructors go through everything and make me feel safe SCUBA diving.

Over all the class if fun and safe. I would totally recommend it to anybody who is looking to become a certified diver. They go over everything and you can stay back if you don't get something and its just a fun class to go to. I look forward to it every weekend.