Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Recently I was in Buffalo for a swim meet. This was a championship our team goes to. The way this meet works is that we are told a certain time, if we qualify and make that time we get to go to the meet. I really like this meet because I get to stay at a hotel with my friends and its fun to mess around. This year it was in Buffalo but has been in other places before.

This meet is the end of the winter season for our team, and I'm sure it's the end of the winter team for all of the other teams too. This year at states beat my best times in all of the events I swam. My relay also placed sixth, which is really good for such a big meet against such great swimmers. The only thing I didn't like about this meet was there were prelims, and finals. I didn't do so well at finals.

For the two events I made it to finals in I was places 12th and 13th. Sadly for both events my place was knocked down to 16th for the two events. The way finals works is simple. You swim your event once at prelims, Then either later or the next day the people who placed 1st to 16th go back to swim it again. Its simple but when you swim for three days doing it, it's horrible. But I'm happy with what I achieved and I'm exited for next year.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


This is actually a really funny story, and I promise that it in fact did happen. My last blog was all about key west but this story is about leaving. Trying to leave at least. The first part of this story is simple. The plane was broken so they canceled the flight. I'm glad they noticed and that we didn't fie in a blazing plane crash, but still I wanted to go home.

Being stuck in Key West is not the worst thing that could happen to a person. Sadly though, we had to pay for another three days at the kennel for my dog because the kennel wasn't open on the weekends. When the next day came we left the hotel, that luckily the airport payed for. When we got to the airport and went through customs and such we hat to sit waiting for the plane to be ready.

With out luck the flight ended up being delayed for another 2 hours. When it was finally time to get off the plane in we got off to find out that we missed our connection home. So here we were staying yet another day in a hotel. It wasn't terribly, it was really funny actually. Now my family looks back and laughs about it.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Key West

I know I blogged about a specific thing that i did in Key West, but today I'm going to blog about the vacation and not just the mask. I had a lot of fun in Key West because my dad came. We never really go on vacation with my dad. To be honest I don't think the vacation would be nearly as fun if he wasn't there. I really don't like the heat much, but Key West was such a nice place.

I think one of the most memorable things about key west was the roosters. If you don't know this, I guess it's a fun fact but Key West has wild roosters. Another thing I can remember about this summer is that we really didn't go to the beach much. I think we went once of twice, but I really hate the beach. I know people say that but totally ignore it when they get there but I really hate the beach.

But one fun thing we did was go snorkeling. I have to admit my sister and my mom didn't enjoy it too much but me and my dad loved it. To me the water is like a second home because I'm a swimmer and I spend so much time in it. But when I went snorkeling I tended to stick with my dad. Now my dad is legally certified to dive and we were talking about it and he said when I'm old enough that I could take a course. And that is something I'm exited to do.

Friday, March 4, 2016

The Adventures Of A Girl In A Mask Part 2

As I have said in my previous blog I got a mask in key west and I did wear it around. I thought it was really funny and so did my mom, but my sister being my sister thought it was 'embarrassing'. So being the person I am I just wore it around more. At the moment I cant wear it because it's too cold but I will do it in the summer.  I had a lot of fun and today I'm going to blog about some stuff I did in the mask.

Before I start blogging I'm just going to say I actually have two mask's. The first mask I previously blogged about, but the second mask is a fox mask. I wear the fox mask in the car and stick my head out the window. Just seeing peoples reactions makes me laugh. One time was particularly memorable.

It was summer so I was sticking my head out at stuyvesant plaza. Me, my mom, and my sister were going to coldstone. (The ice cream is really good there.) When we drove by there was this couple with their mouths open staring at the car. When we parked I rolled up the window and laughed with my mom and my sister. That was a fin day.