Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Mechanica was a really good book that I recently finished. I loved this book so much. I think this may as well be my favorite favorite book. This was a version of Cinderella. This book was one of my favorites and here is a little bit about the book.

This book was about a girl who had been trained to become a mechanic since she was a little girl. When her mother gets sick and dies she is left only with her part fey house keeper and her father. When her father gets married to a woman and then later dies Alice is left as an orphin.

On the day pf her sixteenth birthday she finds out that her mothers workshop was never burned. She starts to make things and goes to sell them at the market. When she arrives she finds out she was supposd to reserve a stall. When she meets Caro and the mysterious Fin they let her shar a stall with then.

When Nicolete becomes closer with her two new friends what happens? What happens with her workshop? Does Nicolete ever get away from her cruel stepsisters and stepmother? Find out in Mecanicha!

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