Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Adventures Of A Girl In A Mask.

I took a family vacation with my family and I think I will write more about that someday but today I am going to write about a specific think that happened. We went to Key West for a week and had a lot of fun but this was the best thing that happened to me on that vacation. My mom had wanted to go to this store on duval street so we went and me and my sister found a shelf full of masks so we were messing around trying some on and we took some pictures. Eventually I ended up buying the mask.

When we walked out of the store with the mask on. Walking to the stores I kept the mask on acting like it's perfectly normal to see a girl in a unicorn mask. I thought it was really fun to see peoples reaction. My dad had been with us but we ended up splitting up so it was just the girls. We ended up getting home late so me and my sister just went to bed.

The next day my dad was up so me and my sister decided to mess with him a little bit. My dad didn't know about the mask yet so I walked downstairs with my mask on and scared him just a little. I just stood behind him waiting for hi to turn around. When he did we all laughed and started to pack up because we were leaving the next day. I had an amazing time wearing my mask but I do still have some more stories about it.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Irish Fest

Over the summer I went to Irish 2000 with my dad. Irish 2000 was a music festival. I thought it was really fun and me and my dad are planning on going again. At Irish 2000 there were also a lot of  vendors and my dad bought me a necklace that I really like.

The necklace my dad got me was a symbol for the Irish god of the sea. The name of the god is Manannán Mac Lir. I still don't know how to pronounce that name. When we were at that vendor we bought a bookmark for my sister. I think its funny because my sister didn't even go to Irish 2000 because she is not as into Irish culture as we are.

We had taken the top of my dads jeep off and we were wearing hats so I was really scared that my hat would fall off. Luckily it didn't. Overall I had a really fun time at Irish fest. I loved spending time with my dad because we never go out as just the two of us anymore. Me and my dad are planning on going again and I'm really exited about it.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


This year I made it to states, and the last time I have dine that was when I was ten so I'm really exited. States is really big swim meet that alternates between the same places every 3 years. This year will be in Buffalo. The other years it has been in Ithaca and Long Island. I love this meet because you have to stay in a hotel, but our coaches always pick a hotel for the team to stay in.

Last time I went to states I only swam one event because that was all I made it in. This year I made it in five events and I even qualified for some events next year as a thirteen year old. The way states works is if you make a specific time you get to go to the meet. Simple, right? Sadly you can only sign up for three events, and depending on how fast you are you can be put in a relay too.

States are in march and before that we have another meet like states but with slower times. After that meet only the people who made it to states can go practice with the team. I don't get that but it's just the way it works. I might not have broken the record I was trying too, but I wont say that I didn't do anything this season. Wish me luck in  march!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Mechanica was a really good book that I recently finished. I loved this book so much. I think this may as well be my favorite favorite book. This was a version of Cinderella. This book was one of my favorites and here is a little bit about the book.

This book was about a girl who had been trained to become a mechanic since she was a little girl. When her mother gets sick and dies she is left only with her part fey house keeper and her father. When her father gets married to a woman and then later dies Alice is left as an orphin.

On the day pf her sixteenth birthday she finds out that her mothers workshop was never burned. She starts to make things and goes to sell them at the market. When she arrives she finds out she was supposd to reserve a stall. When she meets Caro and the mysterious Fin they let her shar a stall with then.

When Nicolete becomes closer with her two new friends what happens? What happens with her workshop? Does Nicolete ever get away from her cruel stepsisters and stepmother? Find out in Mecanicha!