Monday, January 11, 2016

Will It Be Broken?

So as you know if you have read some of my winter witeout posts, I swam the 100 fly. I have been working on this stroke lately. One of the main reasons I have been working on this stroke is because I am trying to break out team record for the 100 fly. Right now I have a 1;12.92 because I swam it at a meet recently. I only have 2 more chances to beat the record. No pressure right?

I really do love this stroke but I am going to tell you how it all started for me. Hmm, lets start at the beginning. It was a hot summer day, I mean its summer, I was melting, it was hot. As I did 3 times a week (keep in mind I was about 8 at the time.) I was at practice but today was not the normal practice.

About halfway through practice I asked my coach "When are we going to learn fly?" my coach just shrugged. I guess we could do it now. And so for the rest of practice I did fly. Eventually the love for the stroke faded and I did not love it as much as I did before. But all of that changed at a USA meet last year.

The same as every single meet we were warming up. I was doing fly at this meet so I did my start as I would do every meet but I did fly. But this time I did something and I still to this day don't know what it was that I did. And so I swam and my love of this stroke kind of turned on. And still to this day I love the stroke. I like everything about it. But one question remains. The record, Will it be broken?

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