Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What Is An IMX?

So what is an IMX? Well I didn't know before this weekend but now I do. An IMX is an extreme IM. An IM is a race with one of every stroke. A IM is an abbreviation for individual medley. But how do we take this to the extreme?

People mostly swim a 200 IM. That means there is a 50 of each stroke. (Down and back in the pool.) There is also a 100 and a 400 IM. A 100 IM is a 25 of each stroke. (Just down or just back.) And a 400 IM is a 100 of each stroke. (Down and back twice.)

An IMX is multiple events. The one I did was spread out into two days. The first  I did a 500 freestyle. (Down and back ten times.) Next you do a 200 IM. Keep in mind that these are multiple events.

The second day I did a 100 back, a 100 Fly and a 100 breaststroke. They awarded first to sixth. the rest of the IMX swimmers would get points. If you get a 1800 points you qualify for another IMX meet. I got 1715 points. I placed seventh overall and came 11 points in front of the person I eighth place.

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