Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Selection

The selection is a book. Yes I know what your thinking, Oh my gosh Shannon you actually read! yes I do. So as I was saying the selection is a book and it is one of my favorites. This book is in the science fiction section of the library but it also has a little bit of a romance aspect to it. Ill just tell you about the book then. You decide if it is the book for you!

When it is announced that there will be held a selection all of the girls eligible to enter quickly like up. Well I should say most of them. America soon finds out she is eligible to enter for a chance to win prince Maxon's heart. The only thing is she does not even want to win his heart. America is already in love.

But what happens when she actually enters. America gets picked. She is soon taken to the palace. But soon America actually falls for Maxon. But will Maxon feel the same way? What secrets will be reveled along the way? There are three books fallowing Americas journey. There is so far only one book fallowing her daughters.

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