Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Mortal Instruments

The Mortal Instruments is a book series that I found really good. The first book is called City Of Bones, the second book is called City Of Ashes. I don't remember what the other books are called but I found them in the public library. I read the first book and about half of the second because they are long books. 

They made a movie off of the first book. I personally loved the movie even though they changed a lot of things from the book. One thing about the movie is they put a part from the second part in it. Don't worry it's not like it revels the whole plot buy it annoyed me a little bit.

They are also making a show. My friend also watches the show. The show is actually super cheesy but I really like the show. The show personally in my mind changes a lot of things too. In the book, movie and show there are portals but in both the book and the movie they are in very few places. In the movie they just make the portals.

All of these things confuse me but I still loved the book, the movie, and the show. I think the author really knows how to put in twists and turns. The book is really good and I think you should read it. I also think you should watch the movie and the show.

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