Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The 200 I.M At The Winter Witeout

A few weekends ago I went to Rochester for a swim meet. This meet was 2 days long and it was really fun. It started on the weekend before Christmas. The first day was on saturday. We had driven up the night before and stayed in a hotel. Most if the team stays in the same hotel so we can hangout. When we got up our coaches had set up a breakfast in a conference room.

After breakfast me, my mom, my friend, And her dad all went in my friends dads car. We arrived at R.I.T ready to swim. That day I swam the 200 I.M, The 200 free, The 100 fly and a relay. First was a relay. My relay was me and 3 of my friends. We got third in that relay. I had a 7 event break so I had to go to get lined up for my 200 I.M right after. 

After I got lined up for my event we waited for our heat to go up. I met the girl who was predicted to win. I was predicted to come in fourth. First to third at that meet get metals and I really wanted a metal. When our heat went up I was in the lane next to the girl who was predicted to win. The girl was actually really nice to me, but I still wanted to beat her. 

When they called for it we got up on the block I could feel the adrenaline. When they made the beeper beep we dove into the water. I was as predicted currently, I was in fourth place. But i changed that soon. Butterfly  is my best stroke A 200 I.M is 2 laps in the pool of each stroke in a special order. I soon was second right next to the girl who was predicted to be first.

On the last lap I was right next to her and when we finished I looked at the board. She beat me by .28 seconds. Even though she beat me I still had fun swimming with her. I also swam good in my other events. Those events are a story for another day though.

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