Friday, January 8, 2016

The 200 Freestyle At The Winter Witeout

This is the third event I will write about and i think it will be the last. As you know I swam many events, but I will not write about any more of them. I enjoyed this event all of these events but this is one of my favorites. So not to the 200 freestyle shall we?

This event was also on the first day of the meet and I swam it after the 100 fly. I was ready. My friend was also swimming this event with me in my heat and we were going to try to beat one another. We had been seated and the person seating us said my last name wrong. Anyways we went up to go swim. And on top of that this was my second favorite event!

This is one of the best events I swam because I had just figured out that it is a sprint. I got up on the blocks and I could see my mom ready to cheer she was sitting right by the railing. When I heard the beep[ I dove into the pool. Because my friend was swimming there were more people cheering for her but three of my friends were shouting at the top of their lungs cheering for me.

I did in fact sprint this. I also came out with my best time. As I finished swimming I looked up at the timing board to see my time. I smile when I see it. My time was 2:18.79. I was really proud of this and I still thing I can do better. I am going to swim this event again this weekend at a meet that I am really exited about.

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