Thursday, January 7, 2016

The 100 Fly At The Winter Witeout

Hello and welcome back to my blog! Today I will be blogging about another event from The Winter Witeout. The event I will be blogging about today is the 100 fly or as some people know it as the 100 butterfly. This is the event I was most proud of at the meet. Even though I did super good in this event I did good in all of my events.

This event was on the same day as my 200 I.M which I blogged about yesterday. I had swam and event in between that I may blog about later, I may not. I had been super exited about this event because its my favorite stroke. This would be the first time that I swim The 100 fly and I was kind of nervous about it.

As I walk up to the blocks I see someone who I wasn't too happy about racing. I call her my evil Chinese twin. (Don't ask why.) I soon realized that I would be in the first heat of this because I didn't have a time. When they called up heat one I could hear my hear beat. I had met a girl who sadly I forget her name and she really wanted to win the heat. I also wanted to win the heat so I wasn't going to just  let her win.

If you win your heat you get a small rubber duck and the girl said there was a duck her friend got that she also wanted. When we got up to the blocks the girl was right next to me and we wished each other luck and got on the blocks to swim. When I heard the beep I quickly dove into the cater.

When I took my first stroke I saw my whole team on the other end of the pool. (sadly I must say only about 15 people came from my team and only about 6 of them were in my session.) I smile in my mind as I also see my coach cheering too. I took 1 breath down and continued swimming until I finished. My time was 1:12.95 and I won my heat as well as placing 4th in the event.

I was very proud of myself in that event and so was most of my team and my coach. As I look back to this day I can only smile because of the good memories I made with my friends that day. And then I remember how we would watch movies in my hotel room and the laughs we had. and then I remember how amazing I swam that day.

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