Tuesday, January 26, 2016

St. Jhons

Today we took a field trip to St. Jhons outreach center. It was an optional field trip that we had to sign up for. I loved this field trip a lot. With my partner we served a table. We served salad, pulled pork, and then desert.

When people first started to come in nobody came to our table. But that changed when a few people came over. After we served them some salad and got them a drink some more people came over to our table. I got them some salad when my partner got some pulled pork and baked beans for them to eat.

When they finished eating they left. There was one woman there that was really nice to us. She said we were amazing and I really appreciated that. (She also said I was her favorite.) After she left I was kind of sad because we put the chairs up at our table.

After we had cleared the table I went over to one of my friends tables to help her. After walking back and forth because the milk was in the kitchen the time to leave had come. Leaving on a good note I was haappy and I will most likely come back to the place if I can.

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