Tuesday, January 12, 2016

It Started Early

When I was little like every swimmer, or even most people I learned to swim. I learned to swim at the YMCA that I live closest to me. So When the day came I learned to swim. We did wheat everyone does, we jump to the lifeguard, learned how to dive. But after I learned to swim, I just loved it so much.

One reason I know I loved to swim even though I don't remember it I am constantly reminded by my mother. I would always try to go underwater. I had a belt, water wings, or really anything that floats because my mom thought I would drown. Eventually my mom took them off and I went underwater because I'm fish, I just needed to.

Then we eventually joined a country club, and keep in mind that I was six at the time. We joined because I'm a fish and my sister is always like I need to tan. Sometimes she says I can not look like a ghost when I go back to school blah blah blah. Well anyways my point is we joined the country club.

We were there with my mom's friend and her sons. One of her sons was on the swim team and I was dumbfounded. I was all like "You can swim on a team?" May I remind you once again I was six. So soon I was signed up for the swim team and well, you know the rest. No? Well I will just have to tell you another time then...

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