Tuesday, January 26, 2016

St. Jhons

Today we took a field trip to St. Jhons outreach center. It was an optional field trip that we had to sign up for. I loved this field trip a lot. With my partner we served a table. We served salad, pulled pork, and then desert.

When people first started to come in nobody came to our table. But that changed when a few people came over. After we served them some salad and got them a drink some more people came over to our table. I got them some salad when my partner got some pulled pork and baked beans for them to eat.

When they finished eating they left. There was one woman there that was really nice to us. She said we were amazing and I really appreciated that. (She also said I was her favorite.) After she left I was kind of sad because we put the chairs up at our table.

After we had cleared the table I went over to one of my friends tables to help her. After walking back and forth because the milk was in the kitchen the time to leave had come. Leaving on a good note I was haappy and I will most likely come back to the place if I can.

Monday, January 25, 2016

My Thoughts On Winter.

I know that everyone has their favorite season. Personally I like winter bit something bothers me about winter. Every single winter there are people who say things like, 'Oh I love winter!' or 'Winter is my favorite season!' This is really only to the people who say they love winter, then they complain about being cold.

I say that I love winter, and I mean it. And I get if you want to complain if its below zero. The people I know are complaining when its thirty degrees out, and they have been standing there for about a minute and a half. I also know some people that say they love winter because of hot chocolate, or candy canes. You can have those in the summer if you want, I don't care.

But I don't like summer. I hate everything about it, other than the fact that we don't have school. I hate the heat. People also say you can swim in the summer. I swim five times a week, for two hours. I am just not a summer person. What season do you like?

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What Is An IMX?

So what is an IMX? Well I didn't know before this weekend but now I do. An IMX is an extreme IM. An IM is a race with one of every stroke. A IM is an abbreviation for individual medley. But how do we take this to the extreme?

People mostly swim a 200 IM. That means there is a 50 of each stroke. (Down and back in the pool.) There is also a 100 and a 400 IM. A 100 IM is a 25 of each stroke. (Just down or just back.) And a 400 IM is a 100 of each stroke. (Down and back twice.)

An IMX is multiple events. The one I did was spread out into two days. The first  I did a 500 freestyle. (Down and back ten times.) Next you do a 200 IM. Keep in mind that these are multiple events.

The second day I did a 100 back, a 100 Fly and a 100 breaststroke. They awarded first to sixth. the rest of the IMX swimmers would get points. If you get a 1800 points you qualify for another IMX meet. I got 1715 points. I placed seventh overall and came 11 points in front of the person I eighth place.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Wish Me Luck!

Tomorrow I have yet another meet. *silently cheers.* This is one of my least favorite meets but I have another chance at the 100 fly. if you have been reading my blog posts you would know that I'm trying to break my teams record for.

This is one of my least favorite meets because its all long distance. What do I mean by that you ask? Well that means that there are no 50 yard races. I have to swim two events tomorrow and three the next day I think, not positive.

Tomorrow I have to swim the 500 free. (Twenty laps.) and I am not looking forward to it. I also have to swim the 200 I.M the same day. (The 200 I.M is a 50 of each stroke in 1 race.) I am actually pretty good at this event, but the same day as the 500, Really?

Anyways my 100 fly is the next day. I am also swimming the 200 free and the 100 Breaststroke the same day. Cant you see why I just love this meet. *Cough* Sarcasm *cough cough*. I'm still going for the record and I have been doing a lot of fly at practice. Anyways, wish me luck!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Mortal Instruments

The Mortal Instruments is a book series that I found really good. The first book is called City Of Bones, the second book is called City Of Ashes. I don't remember what the other books are called but I found them in the public library. I read the first book and about half of the second because they are long books. 

They made a movie off of the first book. I personally loved the movie even though they changed a lot of things from the book. One thing about the movie is they put a part from the second part in it. Don't worry it's not like it revels the whole plot buy it annoyed me a little bit.

They are also making a show. My friend also watches the show. The show is actually super cheesy but I really like the show. The show personally in my mind changes a lot of things too. In the book, movie and show there are portals but in both the book and the movie they are in very few places. In the movie they just make the portals.

All of these things confuse me but I still loved the book, the movie, and the show. I think the author really knows how to put in twists and turns. The book is really good and I think you should read it. I also think you should watch the movie and the show.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Selection

The selection is a book. Yes I know what your thinking, Oh my gosh Shannon you actually read! yes I do. So as I was saying the selection is a book and it is one of my favorites. This book is in the science fiction section of the library but it also has a little bit of a romance aspect to it. Ill just tell you about the book then. You decide if it is the book for you!

When it is announced that there will be held a selection all of the girls eligible to enter quickly like up. Well I should say most of them. America soon finds out she is eligible to enter for a chance to win prince Maxon's heart. The only thing is she does not even want to win his heart. America is already in love.

But what happens when she actually enters. America gets picked. She is soon taken to the palace. But soon America actually falls for Maxon. But will Maxon feel the same way? What secrets will be reveled along the way? There are three books fallowing Americas journey. There is so far only one book fallowing her daughters.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

It Started Early

When I was little like every swimmer, or even most people I learned to swim. I learned to swim at the YMCA that I live closest to me. So When the day came I learned to swim. We did wheat everyone does, we jump to the lifeguard, learned how to dive. But after I learned to swim, I just loved it so much.

One reason I know I loved to swim even though I don't remember it I am constantly reminded by my mother. I would always try to go underwater. I had a belt, water wings, or really anything that floats because my mom thought I would drown. Eventually my mom took them off and I went underwater because I'm fish, I just needed to.

Then we eventually joined a country club, and keep in mind that I was six at the time. We joined because I'm a fish and my sister is always like I need to tan. Sometimes she says I can not look like a ghost when I go back to school blah blah blah. Well anyways my point is we joined the country club.

We were there with my mom's friend and her sons. One of her sons was on the swim team and I was dumbfounded. I was all like "You can swim on a team?" May I remind you once again I was six. So soon I was signed up for the swim team and well, you know the rest. No? Well I will just have to tell you another time then...

Monday, January 11, 2016

Will It Be Broken?

So as you know if you have read some of my winter witeout posts, I swam the 100 fly. I have been working on this stroke lately. One of the main reasons I have been working on this stroke is because I am trying to break out team record for the 100 fly. Right now I have a 1;12.92 because I swam it at a meet recently. I only have 2 more chances to beat the record. No pressure right?

I really do love this stroke but I am going to tell you how it all started for me. Hmm, lets start at the beginning. It was a hot summer day, I mean its summer, I was melting, it was hot. As I did 3 times a week (keep in mind I was about 8 at the time.) I was at practice but today was not the normal practice.

About halfway through practice I asked my coach "When are we going to learn fly?" my coach just shrugged. I guess we could do it now. And so for the rest of practice I did fly. Eventually the love for the stroke faded and I did not love it as much as I did before. But all of that changed at a USA meet last year.

The same as every single meet we were warming up. I was doing fly at this meet so I did my start as I would do every meet but I did fly. But this time I did something and I still to this day don't know what it was that I did. And so I swam and my love of this stroke kind of turned on. And still to this day I love the stroke. I like everything about it. But one question remains. The record, Will it be broken?

Friday, January 8, 2016

The 200 Freestyle At The Winter Witeout

This is the third event I will write about and i think it will be the last. As you know I swam many events, but I will not write about any more of them. I enjoyed this event all of these events but this is one of my favorites. So not to the 200 freestyle shall we?

This event was also on the first day of the meet and I swam it after the 100 fly. I was ready. My friend was also swimming this event with me in my heat and we were going to try to beat one another. We had been seated and the person seating us said my last name wrong. Anyways we went up to go swim. And on top of that this was my second favorite event!

This is one of the best events I swam because I had just figured out that it is a sprint. I got up on the blocks and I could see my mom ready to cheer she was sitting right by the railing. When I heard the beep[ I dove into the pool. Because my friend was swimming there were more people cheering for her but three of my friends were shouting at the top of their lungs cheering for me.

I did in fact sprint this. I also came out with my best time. As I finished swimming I looked up at the timing board to see my time. I smile when I see it. My time was 2:18.79. I was really proud of this and I still thing I can do better. I am going to swim this event again this weekend at a meet that I am really exited about.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

The 100 Fly At The Winter Witeout

Hello and welcome back to my blog! Today I will be blogging about another event from The Winter Witeout. The event I will be blogging about today is the 100 fly or as some people know it as the 100 butterfly. This is the event I was most proud of at the meet. Even though I did super good in this event I did good in all of my events.

This event was on the same day as my 200 I.M which I blogged about yesterday. I had swam and event in between that I may blog about later, I may not. I had been super exited about this event because its my favorite stroke. This would be the first time that I swim The 100 fly and I was kind of nervous about it.

As I walk up to the blocks I see someone who I wasn't too happy about racing. I call her my evil Chinese twin. (Don't ask why.) I soon realized that I would be in the first heat of this because I didn't have a time. When they called up heat one I could hear my hear beat. I had met a girl who sadly I forget her name and she really wanted to win the heat. I also wanted to win the heat so I wasn't going to just  let her win.

If you win your heat you get a small rubber duck and the girl said there was a duck her friend got that she also wanted. When we got up to the blocks the girl was right next to me and we wished each other luck and got on the blocks to swim. When I heard the beep I quickly dove into the cater.

When I took my first stroke I saw my whole team on the other end of the pool. (sadly I must say only about 15 people came from my team and only about 6 of them were in my session.) I smile in my mind as I also see my coach cheering too. I took 1 breath down and continued swimming until I finished. My time was 1:12.95 and I won my heat as well as placing 4th in the event.

I was very proud of myself in that event and so was most of my team and my coach. As I look back to this day I can only smile because of the good memories I made with my friends that day. And then I remember how we would watch movies in my hotel room and the laughs we had. and then I remember how amazing I swam that day.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The 200 I.M At The Winter Witeout

A few weekends ago I went to Rochester for a swim meet. This meet was 2 days long and it was really fun. It started on the weekend before Christmas. The first day was on saturday. We had driven up the night before and stayed in a hotel. Most if the team stays in the same hotel so we can hangout. When we got up our coaches had set up a breakfast in a conference room.

After breakfast me, my mom, my friend, And her dad all went in my friends dads car. We arrived at R.I.T ready to swim. That day I swam the 200 I.M, The 200 free, The 100 fly and a relay. First was a relay. My relay was me and 3 of my friends. We got third in that relay. I had a 7 event break so I had to go to get lined up for my 200 I.M right after. 

After I got lined up for my event we waited for our heat to go up. I met the girl who was predicted to win. I was predicted to come in fourth. First to third at that meet get metals and I really wanted a metal. When our heat went up I was in the lane next to the girl who was predicted to win. The girl was actually really nice to me, but I still wanted to beat her. 

When they called for it we got up on the block I could feel the adrenaline. When they made the beeper beep we dove into the water. I was as predicted currently, I was in fourth place. But i changed that soon. Butterfly  is my best stroke A 200 I.M is 2 laps in the pool of each stroke in a special order. I soon was second right next to the girl who was predicted to be first.

On the last lap I was right next to her and when we finished I looked at the board. She beat me by .28 seconds. Even though she beat me I still had fun swimming with her. I also swam good in my other events. Those events are a story for another day though.